Vigilant is a companion to diabetes monitoring that uses advanced pattern recognition technology to notify you of upcoming periods of risk.

  • Alerts you to risk of severe lows in the next 24 hours
  • Notifies you about upcoming daily patterns of highs, lows, variability (frequent swings) and gaps in testing
  • Provides glanceable summaries of diabetes control
  • Versions available for both People with Diabetes (iOS and Android) and Caregivers (Web)

And now with iOS HealthKit Integration!

Users of other iOS diabetes management Apps can receive Vigilant Notifications without additional data entry. For more info press here.

Vigilant is available with a valid subscription code.

I am Vigilant Because...

John Celak | I have Diabetes

I can be notified when I am at risk for a severe low.

About Vigilant for people with diabetes
Dr. Pam Ruger | Physician

I can see my patient’s glucose control and patterns at a glance.

About Vigilant for clinicians
Maria Martin | My son has diabetes

I can be notified of my son’s daily patterns of highs and lows.

About Vigilant for caregivers
Mike Friedli | Health Plan Manager

I can help my members reduce their risk.

About Vigilant for health plans and payers

Vigilant answers important diabetes management questions without requiring you to look at hundreds of data points.

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